Proofs and Evidence

(1) Insurance is contract. Has the insurance contract (or the "product") been made properly according to the Law of Contract? Then, when people want to tell their "stories", they are forbidden to do so! So as not to educate fellow consumers? "Privacy Act"? Sheer bad status quo! In a way, promoting and encouraging Sense of Impunity! All based on creating, driving, and using people's ignorance and inability! Disruption? How? In fact, disrupting nothing, and make things even worse! Indirectly, with help from the law!

(2) All just empty talk. No meaning! In fact, all superficial only! Almost like cheating! "Consumer interest"? No "Regulatory" or Government control?

(3) Same Insurer group, same risk, same Insured, same location, same cover, might be even the same underwriter too, but wide difference in pricing! All just Trading Dollars, or "leverage"! Not risk underwriting! Risks are the same! Doing it for less, out from nowhere, and out of nothing, but would it burn "less"? Professional? Consistency? It happens everyday and everywhere!

(4) What "Regulatory" functions have actually done? Absolutely nothing! Often just creating more problems, and more problems! Out of nowhere!

(5) How bad chaos and turmoils (Risks) in this world began? Often, all because of human nature and human weaknesses! It is so obvious that people just don't see! And don't want to see! Don't care anyway! No wonder, risks exist with human existence! And insurance business, the way it is being done, is actually a social issue!

(6) Well said! Many senior peers have also said the same thing before. But nobody listens. In fact, their own people don't listen either! Why? It is systemic! It is by design! It is all because of its old traditional Insurance Industrial Organization and 'Business Model'!

(7) Hereditary Disease!