Contrarian Outlook

The Current Traditional Old and Wrong Insurance Business Model is Based on exploiting People's Innocent Ignorance and Inability about Insurance. To Change, first must Reduce Ignorance!

The Objective of is to Eradicate Ignorance about Insurance and Insurance Business!

Remember, Insurance Business is Taking Risks and Paying Claims...........       Everything else is only Icing on the Cake!

There is No Point to Talk and Use any Insurtech (or digital or transformation) without a True Understanding of Insurance and Insurance Business, otherwise it will be just a further Aggravation of Misunderstanding, Misconception and Mistrust of the Insurance Industry!

Similarly, and in Contrast, when Buying Insurance, Smart Buyers desire Insurance that they Understand and Agreed. Not a "Product" mostly they don't even like to read! And sure, Not Empty and Hollow Perceptions either, like Peace of Mind and Sense of Security, as 'Knitted' and Packaged together with Trust and Relationships, which will invariably end up in Disappointments and Denied Claims at the time when they need it!

It is Specialty Insurance of the Special Kind! By Using a Reengineered Engine and a new Flywheel System!

For Those Who Dare To Go Against The Tide. And Disrupt The 'Old Tradition'. Essentially, All Who Dare To Change! And Do It Right.

Supported by as the Backoffice. Online! For All. To do the change!

Background Story

When people buy insurance, they desire insurance. Against the unexpected and uncertainty. Yet, they usually don't know much about insurance, and also think accident is just too remote and will never happen to them! It is how they easily become misled, or even blinded, by the look and feel of the "product", and all the sales gimmicks, especially when they are pampered with "peace of mind" and "sense of security" as camouflaged and packaged together with trust and relationships! Perhaps also with "sense of gratification"! That's how the traditional old and wrong insurance business model, as a whole, was developed, and allowed to evolve to current stage of existence!