More Observations

A Senior VP Underwriting once asked me: "Just curious, how come you can still keep your sanity after all these years!"
Before I could answer that, someone present joked: "He can keep his sanity because he is driving everybody crazy!"
And now, even more thorough, Insurtech Disruption! In whole, and in all!

"Beauty does not come from decorative effects but from structural coherence. Formal beauty and technical perfection are inseparable." Pier Luigi Nervi.
Similarly, same idea and relationship exist between desire for insurance protection and making insurance contracts.
And definitely NOT Insurance "Product" which nobody reads until it is too late, and game over!

Is Insurance Business only a money game?
Just trading dollars?
Whether in hard market, or soft!

Simply NO respect for knowledge and experience, or even common sense!
Same old purposely mis-twisted DNA! Industry Genetic Disease, created and inherited! How can win?

Is insurance business a reasoning business, or an unreasoning business?

True, Insurance Business is to pay what the traffic will bear, that means, trading dollars!
But, in terms of a whole class of risks and even the whole insurance industry, NOT business volume and loss ratio of a broker or one entity,
or one single risk! It is how and where all the wrongs and conflicts begin!
The consequent dubious strategies and business model just cost the industry and everyone even more!
The fact is, ultimately, despite all the underwriting and risk selection system and efforts, it is luck that counts!

Insurance is the most misunderstood and perplexed business in the world, but to policyholders, insurance is something most critical at time of need.
However, what will usually happen? Why and how insurance simply fails?
This website will help explain, and change!

If insurance is a "product", what would production engineering do?
Simply, just make buyers think they know what they are buying, and sellers also think they know what they are selling!
That's what happens! One big hidden industry foundation flaw. No wonder!

Insurance Business is to deal with reality.
Yet, most just let ignorance and inability take over and taking reign instead! will disrupt and change that.

"New Reality!" Whose creation? How new? What that means?
Any change? Nil and nothing!
Just moving goalposts, with more excuses to reinforce the status quo!
How to stop and undo the immense traditional ............ mess?

Insurance Business is an honourable business.
Should it become or be made a disgrace in its practice instead?
Insurtech is for doing the same, or to do change?

Transformation? Disruption? Anything new, and real?
People will just learn and copy! Adding more risks. More unknowns.

Put it simple and straight.
The purpose and meaning of insurance is claims, and able to claim!

Only when you are not sure of what you are buying, then you have to rely on:
trust, relationship, sense of security and peace of mind, and also best price!
But will that be good enough to get claims paid? No!

Can clients' innocent ignorance and inability about risks and insurance matters be covered by 'Products' arranged through
trust, peace of mind, sense of security, relationship, easiness in buying, and then just best price?
Only if nothing happens!

Not doing what is supposed to do is doing what is supposed to do!
Should we teach that to AI (Artificial Intelligence) also? How?

No more Utmost Good Faith and True Agreement of Minds. Turn them all into conflicts instead, with hidden agenda!
Turning disadvantage into advantage becomes the business model! Making wrong become right!
And that causes the Insurance to fail! To fail is gainful and profitable?
The world pays a heavy price! Should we carry on?

Who to support?
To support those who don't know and don't care what they are selling to sell insurance?
All for the sake of trading dollars? "Leverage"?
Are we in insurance business, or ignorance business?

" Don't bite the hand who feeds you! "
A slip of tongue on its Business Philosophy !
The fact is, who is feeding who actually?

Hope our passion for insurance will achieve your purpose of insurance.
Our work is to make sure your desire and requirements for insurance will be met by providers of insurance, as agreed.

Doing business is to make money.
By doing what we say we do and what we are supposed to do!
How about insurance business?
By truly providing insurance needed, or just preying on clients ' trust !

What is insurance for?
If your insurance doesn't pay, what would you say?
In fact, what can you say?
And what can you do?

What insurance does, people don't like to see and don't like to know!
Because that may expose some very bad stories and experiences!
And also some foolishness and ignorance about insurance!

Usually, you see a lot of "covered" and "included" that you like to see!
Wait till something happens, then disappointment!
Insurance is about reality!

Regardless, humans are behind all AI - Artificial Intelligence. Will it make things better? Say, to pay claims?
Don't be over optimistic! If consumers can even find and reach the get payment screen first!

Fundamentally, the beauty of Blockchain is to record all and any changes along the course.
But what is the use, if people know nothing about the original, except a "product" that they don't even read or understand?

Digital Transformation that transforms insurance only in form and shape, but not in essence, can never disrupt or change anything!
It can simply create and drive more ignorance and inability about insurance, and make things even worse!
Digital Transformation is Insurtech incomplete, to just continue the status quo, and to mislead.

The medical industry gives new life to life.
The insurance industry gives new life to Everything!
I mean, supposed to!
And Insurtech will give new life to the insurance industry.

You bought insurance.
How do you know you have insurance?
Or you just think you have insurance!

Insurance business is taking risks and paying claims.
How to make money in insurance business?
By doing that, or actually taking no risk and paying no claim?
But is that insurance business? Or just trading dollar?
Ethics and social responsibility? Where? will change insurance.
A different future. And a new future!
For all!

The best truth is the naked truth about reality, when it is still within your time and ability to handle, and change!

Risks exist with human existence.
Actually, human beings themselves are risks and causes of risks!
Arising from the physical nature they exist in, and human nature inside.
Also constant actions and interactions in between, and amongst them all.

Insurance is to deal with risks and transfer risks.

How to sell what people don't want, and worse, who also think they don't need?
Just sell on price?
On a "product" they don't really see or understand, until ................ !

"Insurance has to be sold"! Does it mean just making people buy?
Agreement to buy is NOT True Agreement of Minds!

Why insurance cannot claim?
Why selling insurance that cannot claim?
Why claims are being played?

How can insurance ever claim, if all that people know is only the best price?
Is that success?
Frankly, whose success?

The purpose and meaning of insurance is claims and able to claim,
not trust, peace of mind, sense of security ...............
and many other actually empty and unrelated considerations!

To make what 's relevant for making claims irrelevant at the time you buy.
To make what's irrelevant for making claims relevant at the time you buy.
By who?
So, how can you ever claim?.

When nothing happens, everybody has insurance, and insurance is an expense.
When something happens .............. where is my insurance .............. what happened?

Success is built on providing Insurance needed,
or making use of people's ignorance and inability about insurance?

Irrespective of whatever, if you can't beat them, join them!
But is that proper?
Who to support, the improper or the proper?
Sheer aggravate wrong to become right!

Our Insurtech will change that!
Insurance business will become what it should be and supposed to be!

Seriously, insurance business is supposed to do harm or do good? Or just do nothing!

We are paid to do what we say we do, and do what we are supposed to do!
Or just do the opposite, especially at claims!

Who to protect the interest of insurance buyers?
Licence Authorities? I prefer not to comment.
Just want to say, they have their own interest to look after too!

Although people know the answer to all the above anyway, yet they don't truly feel the pain until...............
Before that, just schaden freunde, and don't care!
Only when it hits home and happens directly on them!
Totally unthinkable!

Don't bother! Everybody is doing it anyway! And just don't care!

Selling insurance but providing no insurance when needed?
Is that what insurance business all about?
Utmost Good Faith and True Agreement of Minds?

Utmost Good Faith and True Agreement of Minds are the foundation of Insurance Business.
Yet, "conflicts will produce the best answer" is also a foundation of the current traditional Insurance Business Model!
So, how can they gel together? By making compromise?
Truth is compromised! Everything is compromised! The World is being compromised!

Should insurance always end up in just looking for someone to blame?
But blame cannot claim!
Something is wrong with insurance business, the way it is being done!

Know truth, before we can see reality! That means, got to know the truth first.
But people simply don't like truth. That's how ignorance and inability, and all the bad things, begin.
In a way, it is all self-inflicted! Unfortunately!

People don't like truth. Because they are afraid to know what they don't know.
And only like to know what they like to know.
So, always end up being used, and played !
Even worse, people act only on what they think they know! That's why!

We expect people would simply do their job. Do what they say they do.
And do what they are supposed to do.
But what if they don't?
And worse, what if they do what they are not supposed to do instead!

Not only we must do what is supposed to do,
more importantly, we must not do what is not supposed to do!
But that's NOT what usually happens!

Insurance business is about taking risks and paying claims.
What will happen if taking no risk and paying no claim?
But is that insurance business?
It happens everyday, and actually everywhere!

Is Insurance just a 'product' for buying and selling? Or for claiming?
We must always remind ourselves!

Insurance is not a 'product' just for the best price!
That can only make your insurance subject to caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), to your disadvantage!

At claim, chances are, the 'product' will become a contract working against you!
Yet before that, you always thought you had insurance all along!

Insurance is a legal contract to be agreed and accepted by both the buyer and selller, as it should be.

Buying Insurance is a contract making process, based on Utmost Good Faith and True Agreement of Minds.
What does it mean?
That's where will come in and help!

True, problem with insurance business is something social!
But do you know why, how, who, when and where?
Do you see all the phenomena, implications and consequences? They are everywhere!
Shoud we simply sweep them all under the carpet?
Worse, should we just give up, don't care, and turn a blind eye to it?

You might say you know Insurtech, but do you know insurance?

You think you know insurance, but how much do you know about Insurtech?

Is Digital Transformation to transform insurance in form and shape only, but not in essence?
Without any change, can anything be changed?
Disruption? Where?

Is Insurtech only about digital transformation?
Just because you don't really know about insurance,
or Insurtech, that does not mean digital transformation is what Insurtech all about, or vice versa!

Change, but actually no change?
Is that what digital transformation all about?

To Change Insurance.
But will there be any change, if without changing anything?

The current traditional Insurance Business Model: To turn disadvantage into advantage.
That means, basically, to do wrong, and make it become right! And also make right become wrong!
What will happen if everybody just learnt, copied and do the same!
No wonder!

Not doing what is supposed to do is bad enough!
How about doing what is not supposed to do?
By way of exercising authority and in the name of management?
That's how things become hereditary!

Better understand about it now, before it is too late!

The key is you as the buyer, and also your advisor who is supposed to do the job and take care of your ignorance and inability about insurance!

Write risks to spread risks, or just push sales for trading dollar purposes?
Is it insurance business, or trading dollar business?
"Leverage"? A wrong approach. Just to camouflage and whitewash the wrongs!
End up even worse!

Do you need to do harm so as to make people submit, conform, and obey, or simply give up and don't care anymore of the wrongs that are being done?
Isn't that just adding more wrongs to cover up wrongs?
It has become a common everyday phenomenon!

Insurtech and Insurance will create a bond, not conflicts, for parties involved in an insurance transaction.
That will change insurance! For real.
A true disruption of the bad status quo.

Change insurance, will change the world! Before everything implodes!