An Overture To "Revolution"!

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Thanks, xxxxx,, it is only an overture.

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Hi xxxxxx,

Interesting perspective!


President & CEO

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Hi, xxxxx,

Congratulations to you and your Mr. xxxxxxxxxx! I knew your xxx in the Blue Goose days.

I have been thinking of writing to you long time, about your "Doing what Is Right" registered trade mark.

Respectfully, how can people be able to do what is right when the current traditional insurance business model to make money in our industry is based on how to do it wrong and actually how to justify wrong become right, in every aspect of its operations and functions, especially when insurance is needed, like at buying and selling stage, and also at claims of course? So technically, to make money in doing insurance business by not doing insurance? People just conveniently forgot what insurance is all about, at its core! Hope you can see also the deeper implications and ramifications when you think of its natural corollary, the other way round, in justifying right become wrong! Now if you can also think of further consequences when people, especially all those "professionals" related to insurance and related together, simply copy and learn from our industry, in aligning themselves to the said business model! Just more and perpetual risks generation, in the wrong way!

When it is done wrong, right at the beginning and at inception of the piece of insurance business, things are right and will stay right only if nothing happens! Is that the bet or proper bet in doing insurance business? Or betting that even if it happens, people (the public) won't even know and don't care anyway? By making use of their ignorance and inability?

At claims, when you are involved as xxxxxxxxx, anything trying to do "what is right" will be at best just like re-negotiation of the contract after it happens! Worse, from another angle, it is almost like applying planned obsolescence, if not actually planned non-violent felony, when insurance is needed the most, on "products" that nobody wants to see them being put to work, especially for the party who "manufactures" those products in the first place, by using clients' ignorance and inability!

The worst kind of ignorance is ignorance that people won't admit as ignorance, that means perceptions, which are being created and driven, all the way! And even when they see and need help about their ignorance, and also their inability to handle..............., they are being taken advantage of instead, and used!

Actually what is the motive or intention in using "product" to describe and label an intangible service like insurance? Is Caveat Emptor the ultimate purpose? Where is Utmost Good Faith and True Agreement of Minds in all these? Agreement to buy is not agreement of minds on insurance contracts taken out and arranged! Who allowed that and made that to happen in the first place? Regulators? Or proximately actually those OPM chasers and manipulators, and also spin doctors they hired?

I got challenged by a past Lloyd's Chairman to put what I know onto one single A4 page. I still got his email on record. We will do the story one day, and soon!! Because the industry has already deteriorated so badly to what it is like right now, after they (OPM players) manoeuvred and managed to have the Institute courses changed in the 1980's, from teaching our people on what they are supposed to do in insurance business to just how to do it, as elaborated in the above!

I have been doing research about the issues long time already! In fact, we have used a similar trade mark like yours before, "Doing It right"! We have now changed to "About Reality"!

Thank you for your kind attention and consideration.

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