(21) What is Insurance all about? Cut to the chase! The Insurance Business Mess explained. An analytic summary:

Confused between premium pool and sales volume. Surplus is also mistaken as business and shareholder profits.
In addition, Insurance Business as a science involving Actuary, Risk Spreading and Contract Making deteriorates to just seeking and preparing who to blame!
By taking advantage and making use of people's ignorance and inability, and forgetfulness, including practitioners/distributors', on their inelastic exposures and natural aversion about risks, together with other innate human weaknesses!
However, Insurance business is about taking risks and paying claims!
Yet, take no risk, and pay no claim! Only want sales. Anything but to pay! Except when discriminately as a "marketing" tool! What will happen?
Just by way of taking a trading dollar approach with the sales volume being so built, irrespective of whatever means!
Play with conflicts being created along the way, then to manipulate. In all hierachies, systems, layers, spectrums and different interests. Conflicts can produce the best answer? "Risk" management becomes in name only!
A total mess up, right at the start! Wrong and mis-twisted DNA formed, at DNA level!
To justify, by using unending unreasoning "reasons", and making wrong become right! Risk underwriting not really about underwriting, but something else!
Forcing people to give up, don't care, just submit, point finger, and then cover tail!
Risk? What risk? Endgame, just say No! Exercising authority, and playing games! Without any sense of responsibility!
Knowledge and experience will fix? Education to rectify? Don't count on that! Human nature treacheries unleashed! Always fully camouflaged with "justifications"!
Obey law and order? Follow rules and regulations? Why, how and by who those were made, and played, in the first place?
Ethics? Corporate social responsibility? Common sense is simply blindfolded and out!
People just learn and copy subliminally, continue on, and repeat! In everything, everywhere.
The world's functions and professions are also hyjacked, forced to play along, including the various regulatory systems.
In total, adding more risks! Adding more cost! Unknowingly. All on auto-pilot.
Destination: Ultimate Failure. Implosion. Total Collapse. But just stick to the "how not to pay" mechanics! Finally, runoff and M&A!
Is it all pre-designed? In a "Business Model"? A purposely faulty designed "Flywheel System"! A Mess!
Nothing will change? Nothing needs change? And nothing can change!
Whose money is at risk anyway? Whose well-being and fortune are at stake actually? 'Buying insurance' just adds even more unknown risks?
A globally enforced and involuntary reverse subsidy system in operation! There goes insurance! There goes our industry.

Further Proofs and Evidence to substantiate will be included later.