(17) It is one vivid example of the currently old and wrong traditional insurance business model! Business Development? By imposing termination and destruction of business? And out of nowhere! Just don't care! Actually, the whole "organization" in joint action to destroy your business and efforts instead! And more!
The worst outcome: our young people would just obey, learn and copy the same down the road! In justifying and making wrong become right! That's how things will perpetuate! But is that what insurance business should be? There goes our industry! Practically in creating and installing Ignorance and Inability to change! And doing what is not supposed to do!

From: xxxxxxx, xxxxx
Sent: xxxxxx, October xx, 20 xx:45 xx
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Renewal of Policy xxx xxxxxxx - xxxxxxx xxxxx
Good morning xxxxxxx,

I understand you had reached out to xxxxxxx regarding this policy. From our records I see we had sent your office the attached cancellation letter. Based on this we were able to renew the policy still for xxxxxxx xxxxxx so coverage remained. But we no longer have a broker agreement with your office.

Below is a list of all the policies you had with us. All x can continue coverage if they wish, we will just send out the renewal documents directly.

xx2xxxx - xxxxx xxxxx
x7xxxxx - xxxxx xxxxx
xxx0xxx - xxxxx xxxxx
xxxx4xx - xxxxx xxxxx

Please call if you have any questions.


xxxxx xxxxxxx


The information in this email

From: xxxxxxxx, xxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxxxxx, October xx, 20 xx:39 xx
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: xxxxxxx, xxxxxx

Subject: RE: Renewal of Policy xxxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Hello xxxxxx,

Our apologies for the oversight. One of my newer colleagues handled the renewal paperwork, and it looks like they missed seeing the normal correspondence process on this. I'll make sure it's understood for going forward and add an alert to the policy so it doesn't happen again.


xxxxxx xxxxxxx

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, October xx, 20xx xx:xx xx
To: xxxxxxx. xxxxxx
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Renewal of Policy xxx xxxxxxx - xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

This message is from an external sender; be cautious with links and attachments.

Hi xxxxxx,

We are really surprised when our Insured advised us that she received the renewal directly from xxxxxxxx. Since this is an Agency Bill, our client will pay us and we will pay xxxxxxxx, less our commission, which has been the practice since day 1.

Please email us a copy of the policy for our file, and refrain from mailing policies directly to our Insureds. Thanks,

xxxxx xxxxx