(5) How bad chaos and turmoils (Risks) in this world began? Often, all because of human nature and human weaknesses! It is so obvious that people just don't see! And don't want to see! Don't care anyway! No wonder, risks exist with human existence! And insurance business, the way it is being done, is actually a social issue!

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Hi, Xxxxxxx,

After everything is now settled and resolved on the above accounts, I want to tell you the truth, upfront: What you did has actually revealed how bad chaos and bad turmoils in this world began!

I gave Xxxx Xxxxx a total of six (6) cases in writing, including the above three (3), to prove your being don't care, lazy, and simply wrong exercise of authority in your underwriting of our files, and on top also all my correspondence to you in the course!

My sole purpose was only to retain our business. If we do not make an effort, or don't do nothing, we will forever subject to your mercy and unreasonableness, and our business destiny will become a victim to your game playing against us forever! And the same thing will happen again to others! Insurance business is supposed to do good, or do harm? Or do nothing! Before any harm or good to happen, I think we usually suffer more harm than good anyway!

Frankly, I still don't know what went through your mind in your dealing of our subject files! From my perspective, it seems you purposely wanted to make us lose our accounts and drive us out of business! Why? Avoiding risks? Underwriting? They are all our key good accounts and have been with your company for many years! Did we, and actually did I, do anything wrong, and to you? I am sure not! All we want to see is business can be done with reasons, and let's make money properly! Not otherwise!

Perhaps, at the end, the business will come back to you, through another broker, if we lose them! And maybe even for less premium! It shows how weird and treacherous this business is. And you thought you could just do that, all in the name of doing your job, and with a sense of impunity!

Not that we want to see you punished or whatever, but what you did do give me a proof as to how this industry of ours has been! All wrong! The whole system under the current industrial organiszation and business model! And all out of nothing! Never about risk selection and underwriting, but just trading dollars and "leverage" ! And playing games! Is that how insurance business is done? In fact, is that how normal business should be done?

My colleagues asked me to just keep my mouth shut! But I can't, because if I do, that will truly be the beginning of the end! Not to speak of the fact that I am always upfront and straight, in all things, as you know!

It explains what has been happening in this industry all along! As if it is just something social! And so I must act on it, and must tell the truth, even if it means I might have to just sell my portfolio and go out of business! Because my business will not and simply cannot survive anyway, if otherwise! Should I just give up? Because of you?

We have seen this kind of "manoevures" and "playing games" by people like yourself in this industry all the times, based on my experience! Creating conflicts, driving business away, yet all in the name of business, including even cancelling or threatening to cancel broker contracts, so that market access to place risks, and ability to do insurance business are restricted for those who do not have a big enough business volume, as a tool to enforce submission and obedience, and to adhere to the unwritten "theory" (hidden agenda) of trading dollar ("leverage"), no matter how unreasonable the matter is, and even when everything was proximately and initially caused by "underwriters" like yourself in the first place! No wonder there is such an extreme and unreasonable polarization in terms of market shares in this business!

Worse is, it is all done in the name of doing your job! Immense consequences and ramifications have resulted which people don't see. And don't care either! As I said, it is almost like something social!

Where are all the industry's Regulatory, Supervisory and management functions? What do they do actually? Absolutely doing nothing in doing their job too! But in fact worse than doing nothing, they are convening and alllowing what happened to happen in the first place, with their inaction and being silent!

That's the beginning of the end for everything! Until things have become what it is like today! And all the chaos and turmoils! For nothing! Actually all started from insurance business itself, like in what you did!

It has a lot to do with rule making, and law making, guidelines................, and then just playing games! The same old story. We have collected a lot of examples to prove.

Allow unreasonings to happen, all in the name of business or good management, that means to make and allow irregularities, then to install regulatory functions, often thereafter, in being the authority, but act only when if needed or when forced to, selectively, and also as a control or a tool in achieving their various "objectives" at different times, both proper and improper, and in between!

So much for now.

At the end we must request you please leave us alone, since you are no longer our "assigned" underwriter anyway.


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