(1) Insurance is contract. Has the insurance contract (or the "product") been made properly according to the Law of Contract? Then, when people want to tell their "stories", they are forbidden to do so! So as not to educate fellow consumers? "Privacy Act"? Sheer bad status quo! In a way, promoting and encouraging Sense of Impunity! All based on creating, driving, and using people's ignorance and inability! Disruption? How? In fact, disrupting nothing, and make things even worse! Indirectly, with help from the law!

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Dear xx xx,

The whole thing (the subject case) started with Xxxixxx people and YOU! And also the Xxxxxxxxx adjuster, who you never told us the name anyway! And we got involved in a bad way. Out of nothing!

There is no privacy issue involved here! So please don't throw me any Privacy Act!

I am only telling the story in reference, NOT the case, and your help has not been solicited either, which I don't think you have helped, would help, or be able to help anyway!

You did not help in the subject case, how would I expect you to help on anything?

I just want to show and express my displeasure therefrom, as to what happened, that affects our whole industry!

If you have any concern further, please do contact me anytime!


Xxxxxx Xxx

Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx

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Dear xx.xxx,
Given the Privacy Act, please do not include ourselves in any e-mails unrelated to any case that we are handling.
Given that we are not the handling adjuster for this particular client, we should not be given and provided with any details for this file or this client.
We are unsure if your client or her lawyer have requested you to provide us with the details but unfortunately we are unable to assist her.
We thank you for your attention to this matter .
Yours truly,

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Hi, xxxxxx,

While we have not heard back from you...................

This morning, I have lunch with a client. She told me a horrifying story. About your company. It has something resonating with the experiences we had with your company and concerning our clients too.

She had recorded the incident with her lawyer, and also to the insurance company on the case.

It was about people you sent "trespassing" into upstairs, where nothing happened, and no damage whatsoever, and even private drawers were opened and inspected ..............

It is a big multi-million dollar home, with only two persons residing in there!

In a way, it is similar to what we have seen happened, involving us, our clients, and insurance companies, in your people doing what is not supposed to do!

Why can't we all just do and finish the job, as to what we are supposed to do, and then just go!

Why people could be that............., almost like being malicious! For nothing! While we bring everybody the business!

In all, seriously, this industry needs to be disrupted from its bad status quo!

And it will happen, soon!

All the Best for the New Year!

xxxxxxx xxx

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Subject: FW: xxxxxx Claim # xxxxxxxxxx - xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx - Date of loss xxxxxx x xxxx File No. xxxxxx-xx-xxxxxx: xxxxx xxxxxx , xxx-xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi, xxxxxx,

Now that the subject claim has been fully settled to your company, and settled down, I like to look into and analyze the hassles we were put through on it during the course.

I think, and hope, it all began only when xxx xxxxx xx/xxxxxxxx triggered (and not by others) and thought they could decline payment AFTER 18 months into the claim, and after they had instructed your company to deal with the xxxxxxxxxxx matter directly, right at and from the beginning, without involving my client's xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx policy initially.

Then, after a whole 18 months had passed, and after everything had been fixed, you emailed us in xxxxxx xxxx that the claim should be borne by the landlord, and created an invoice directed against my client for payment directly! My client never instructed your company on it or did anything with your company. Your staff xxxxxx xx called my client directly, followed by her email with the invoice. We referred the matter to xxxxxx Insurance Company immediately, they being the building insurer.

And then, only after another 7 or 8 months had passed after that, into early xxxx, and almost only a week or so nearing the 2 years claim proscription date, xxxxx xx/xxxxxxxx bypassed everybody and told xxxxxx Insurance Company claims management about their reason for it and that unless the flooring was tenant's improvements, then their tenant's policy would cover, otherwise not. Our client verified and proved that with photos records accordingly, and almost immediately, that it was tenant's improvements.

In between time, and before issues were confirmed and clarified, and even before that, your company Account Receivable Department (xxxxx) also went after my client directly for payment, on something they (my client) did not even know what was going on! And upsetted of course! Why should they pay for something they did not initiate in the first place and didn't even know or have the details!

We, as the broker, were so innocent in the whole matter! Does anybody enjoy seeing our client relationship being spoilt, and also lost our business? And absolutely for nothing?

The entire case, even if the landlord policy is to cover, it should be on subrogation basis, not on direct claim basis, causing/creating a huge deductible impacting the building owner policy.

In our recent two (2) claims (the other one was under xxxx x xxxxx) with you, the same name xxxxxx xx came up with very unpleasant consequences. I don't know or understand why? And we had to spend tons of time, heartaches and numerous emails to resolve properly.

We are in the business of selling insurance and paying claims. That's the business! But should we suffer additionally because of that? For doing business properly? Are we, as broker, always at the mercy of everybody, and anybody, while we are de facto the ultimate and initial creator and producer of the business? So as for you and for everybody to do your business and make money?

Just because there was a claim, that does not mean we did anything wrong, in fact, that has proved, we had done something right and did what we were supposed to do! We are in Insurance Business afterall!

Why should we be subject to all these unreasoning unreasonably? Should we suffer, in a way, because we produced the business for everybody? And when the claim has been settled finally as it should be and did, after all the hassles, no one came back to us or even advised us of the final outcome, on a motion started by your company and others, and not by us! Should people just do their job properly and simply go away? Is success being counted by how claims can be declined, played and manipulated, and pointing finger?

Anyway, I have explained to you our position about claim restoration before, thoroughly and now, and hope you would reason, support and understand the same.

We want to ask that similar situation must not be allowed to happen again, or we may have to advise our markets that we will not use xxxxxx Restoration for our claims restorations anymore in the future. We just cannot allow our accounts and client relationships to be messed up and endangered!

Insurance business is about Utmost Good Faith, but our industry just let it happen to the contrary, if not even made it happen! No wonder things (and even people) are so messed up for our industry! All because of this kind of................ almost like game playing!

I look forward to your advice, and we may pass the case to your management for their input also.

I also hope someone could tell me the name of the claim examiner on this case from xxxxxxxx, for our record purpose, because I might also send a copy of this communication to the management of xxxxxxxx.

I would ask for your convening and support.


xxxxxx xxx

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Hi xxxxxx,

The account has been paid in full.

Thank you,

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Hi, xxxxx,

We refer to the subject matter we had corresponded on before.

Please advise whether the account has been fully settled to your company.


xxxxxx xxx

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