(16) What is "digital" for? For doing good, or doing harm? End up going in circle, and going nowhere!

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Thanks, xxxxxxx, for your good understanding, with also help intended. Really appreciated!

However, maybe we should just leave things for now, and see.

Thanks again.

xxxxxxx xxx

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Hi xxxxxx,

I'm sorry if we have not delivered on our promise for superior service. Do you want to set up a meeting with business development to discuss?

Regards, xxxxxxx xxxxx

Commercial Underwriter
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Hi, xxxxxxx,

After our recent many 'interactions' in U/W and "guidelines", and "procedures", on the subject account and a few others, I thought about what have transpired.

I like to ask, since you are almost our only known and readily accessible (U/W) contact in XXXXXX, and so just wonder, actually what is going on? Seriously.

We might not be privileged to know all the facts and agenda, and you may not know the full picture either, but we are truly puzzled by what we see happening :

(a) Paperless, almost to the point of don't know anywhere, or simply just got buried somewhere, if not actually almost like 'hide and seek', and when it is "found", but we were never told of and don't even know it exists in the first place!

(b) The normal communication channel is numerous and spreading everywhere (emails), and almost like purposely fragmented, or even disruptive somehow, no unified and uniform reference and approach, because always no response to us right away anyway, and so much so that when client asks us, we simply might not be able to provide the right answer! And most importantly, we don't even know who to ask, as to who wrote the communication originally, and which was never brought to our attention! Sometimes, it makes me wonder, is that what 'digital' means?

(c) I have raised my many concerns through to your marketing/business development channels over time, but it seems somehow they were all just ignored, always without satisfactory and adequate answers or solutions.

I have expressed many times that please don't lump us together with those who practise the "production" business and sales model, with only just bridged and layered relationships with clients, and even amongst themselves, because we are in insurance business afterall, and insurance for the client is what we should be doing and concentrating.

I just want to share what I see and what I think with you.

Thanks, and Best Regards,
xxxxxx xxx