(10) If not, the almost pathological "don't care" system will persist in our society, and we will all pay for it! It seems nothing to do with insurance, but in fact, all is related to and influenced by insurance! Because people will just learn, consciously or subconsciously, and simply copy the same!

(A) "You made money, and we made money, good, but now we just want to get more, our way - to increase import tariff from 10% to 25% on EVERYTHING, effective this Friday! Either you submit, or else!"
To me, sound so much like insurance renewal rate increases! Unreasoning in action! As usual. Out of nowhere! And practically without any substantiation or due consideration!

(B) "Changes to Hong Kong Extradition Laws Would Put Americans at Risk, Commission says."
Actually not just Americans, but everybody! The whole manoeuvre is to camouflage and cover up the real motive and issues, in doing so!
Now, think of insurance claims!

(C) What is the most common news we can see and hear in the news nowadays? Car accidents?
Actually it is about terrorist attacks, gun violence and mass shootings, happened around the world!
People just don't care anymore! And nobody cares anyway! As long as it doesn't happen here! Perhaps even Shadenfreude! A sick world that people don't see, and don't like to see!
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