(7) Hereditary Disease!

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Hi Xxxxxx, Xxxxx retired a little more than a year ago. Thanks for your email. Hope you are well.

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Subject: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx - "Hereditary Disease" of the Insurance Industry

Hi, Xxxxx,

I came across a xxxxxxx public communication recently, per attached.

Congratulations on your high promotion in the xxxxxxx! We go way back! Hope you are the 'new blood', hopefully to rejuvenate the system! I think they need you, because the industry is on the verge of change.

The reason I write to you is because I noticed a name 'Xxxxx xxxxx' in there who is a non-voting member.

Even though we never have a say in the xxxxxxx appointments, and I don't want to go into much details after so many years, but I must say I don't think he (Xxxxx Xxxxx) deserves to be appointed and become as someone representing our interest (at least mine) as brokers or in protecting consumer interest, based on what he did to me and my company! It is a long story, that happened in both 20XX and 20XX!

Anyway, I just want to bring it up, and also to say hello to you!

Please do pass onto the 'gentleman' as to what I said in the above. I can bear witness to what I said, so are many others in Xxxxx who were involved!

It is an official communication to the xxxxxxx.

By the way, I read that Xxx Xxxxxx has left, but is Xxxxx Xxxxxx still General Manager of the xxxxxxx?

Thanks. And All the Best!

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