(3) Same Insurer group, same risk, same Insured, same location, same cover, might be even the same underwriter too, but wide difference in pricing! All just Trading Dollars, or "leverage"! Not risk underwriting! Risks are the same! Doing it for less, out from nowhere, and out of nothing, but would it burn "less"? Professional? Consistency? It happens everyday and everywhere!

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The followings are from the client.

"As for the 2 xxxxxxxxx buildings, what does the bylaw cover?
I would like to give you the xxxxxxxxx buildings, but the price difference is too big."


Xxx, please allow me to comment further. As I know, this industry is going to change, soon. No way it can carry on the same like before, say for another 100 years! Otherwise, it will simply implode, long before that!

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