(4) What "Regulatory" functions have actually done? Absolutely nothing! Often just creating more problems, and more problems! Out of nowhere!

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Thanks, Xxxx.

I don't think I would like to do the "xxxxxx xxxxxx program". If not because of those "regulatory" agencies (who do not really regulate anything but to convene with the current system and play with their authority), I don't think I would need to buy E&O at all ! The proximate cause of the E&O exposures itself is because of the said current system in place, and business model also!

Anyway, I don't intend to frustrate you on what you do, but please kindly tell me what other "goodies", like more limits, with $x,xxx can buy.

Please bind as we have discussed accordingly.


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I've looked over the numbers and the absolute best we can do is x,xxx plus another x% off if you complete out online xxxxxx xxxxxx program (takes about an hour). So with that you will be $xxx lower than last year.
Brokers E&O is a very hard market right now.

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