(c) You bring them business. They "steal" your business, and drive or deprive you out of business, as if it is their right to do so and the right thing for them to do! Again, just by making wrong become right! Is that how insurance business done? HEREDITARY. Mis-twisted DNA! Industry wide.

From: xxxxxx xxxxxxx (xxxxxx) [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx]
Sent: Thursday, xxxx 04, xxxx 12:14 PM
To: xxxxxxxxx; 'xxxxxxxx,xxxx'
Subject: RE: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx Quote

Hi xxxxxx,

Sorry for the confusion on this. I was under the assumption this was a referral as we are the XX broker for the XXX XX XXX program. Unfortunately, we deal with the clients directly and do not sub broker on this program.

Best regards,

xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Broker

From: xxxxxxxxx xxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx
Sent: Wednesday, xxxx 03, xxxx 5:03 PM
To: xxxxxx xxxxxxxx (xxxxxx) xxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx; 'xxxxxxxx,xxxx' xxxx.xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx
Subject: RE: xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx Quote

Hi, xxxxxx,

Thanks for your email.

Just want to be clear and sure, is xxxxxx a wholesale broker?

If that's the case, are we considered as the broker for the client on the subject piece of business? It is about our XXX. And XXX/XXXX is our XXX broker!

According to my past knowledge, xxxxxx was used to be a retail broker.

Also, what is our share on percentage of commission for this type of business?

Please kindly advise.


xxxxxx xxx

From: xxxxxx xxxxxxx (xxxxxx) [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx]
Sent: Wednesday, xxxx 03, xxxx 4:12 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxx; 'xxxxxxxx,xxxx'
Subject: RE: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx Quote

Thanks for the referral guys. Will be sure to reciprocate.


xxxxxx xxxxxxxx,xxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Broker

From: xxxxxxxxxx xxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xxx
Sent: Wednesday, xxxx 03, xxxx 2:53 PM
To: 'xxxxxxxxx,xxxx'
Cc: xxxxxx xxxxxxxx (xxxxxx)
Subject: FW: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx Quote

Hi, xxxx,

Thanks for your help and xxxxxx'x help!

My client advised that the following was sent directly to him by xxxxx today.

Based on xxxxxx'x quote, I have advised him (the client) to buy the best and the highest limit available, and will advise in due course asap.

Thanks for all!

Should there be any further advice or instruction, please kindly let me know.

xxxxxx xxx