(22) Three (3) EXAMPLES, selected amongst many

Example 1

Without even disclosing the hurtful exchange details we went through, on the renewal of a simple and claimless account, yet it still ended up just a total waste of time and efforts! And also endangering our almost 40 years client relationship!


From: xxxxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: xxx xxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx – xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx – xxx x xxxx xxxxxx

Hi, xxxxxx,

Please lapse the policy at expiry.

In conclusion, you have successfully and practically driven the business away, by your smart and intelligent "underwriting", and almost double up increase of premium from last year, on this clean and never loss account. Apparently, for no reason at all! Not only that, actually you have damaged our market credibility in the "process" !

We didn't expect your 24 days (and more) of underwriting process would end up this way.

The client responded to us on your renewal terms, after your very mysterious "underwriting", as compared to past years, but I am not in a position to educate you and "enhance" further thereon. However, I cannot really forbid them to pass on their bad experience, as a result.



Example 2

I feel something is wrong with the attitude and the tone, both to us who brought in the never claimed business, and also to the innocent client who always just obediently pay their premiums, with no question ever asked since day 1, over 10 years ago (with your company)! Actually this account has been with us since the 1980s’!

Is insurance business same like the petro gas business we see nowadays? That people must buy and just pay, and supplies are all controlled and manipulated?

With insurance business, it is worse, because the client can be made not being able to buy!

Who will lose at the end?

Even we should never blindly expect reciprocation of business ethics, can there be some kind of business etiquette?

Email response drafted, but not sent

Is client your enemy? Actually, is business your enemy? In fact, are we your enemy?

Not how to make things easy, but how to make things difficult!

How come you want to drive our business away?

In the past, in another incident, when we sent in renewal request 2 months ahead, you answered us only the last week before expiry! And just a NO!

Now you want client to answer you a month ahead of time, or else…………….. Just look at the tone!

Look at the U/W questions, are we in insurance business, or in building contractor/construction business?

A total screw up of the insurance industry, and just continue to make things even worse.

Absolutely destroying the customer credibility for us.


From: xxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxxx
Subject: Intention to change terms or non-renew policy #xxxxxxxxx – xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx, xxx xxxxxx xx

Good afternoon,

I’m sending this letter to advise you of xxxxxxx intention to change terms or non-renew the policy for xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx, xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx-xx

To determine if we are able to offer renewal terms, and if so, what those terms will be, we require the following information:

1. Completion of all questions in the Apartment or Condominium Building Questionnaire. We will require the information in the questionnaire prior to the renewal, or renewal terms will not be offered.

2. Confirmation of “full updates” to the electrical, heating, plumbing and roof (according to our definition below) for us to remain on risk.

“Full updates” means:

• Electrical - all wiring, including circuit breaker control systems, panels have been installed or replaced on or after 1985. Full updates are not required for buildings built or electrical fully updated between 1960-1984 and the risk has 100% copper wiring, 100% circuit breakers and minimum 100 amps.

• Plumbing - all visible and nonvisible parts (including pipes) of the plumbing system have been replaced on or after 1985. Full updates are not required for buildings built or plumbing fully updated between 1960-1984 and the risk has 100% copper, PVC or PEX pipes.

• Heating - all visible and nonvisible heating equipment and components have been replaced within the last 25 years

If the electrical, heating, plumbing and roof has not been “fully updated”, we can consider renewal terms if the insured commits to the following prior to renewing the policy:

a. Updating each non-updated portion by the next renewal. This commitment must be made prior to renewal. We do realize that full renovations take time and we want to work with you as best we can to ensure continued coverage for the insured, while also meeting our guidelines.


b. the Insured provides a written professional report from a qualified electrician, plumber, roofing and/or heating contractor confirming the adequacy and remaining lifespan of each non-updated portion* by the next renewal. The main source and at least 10% of the units (not less than 2 units) must be inspected. We recommend that the customer obtains these reports sooner rather than later. Any replacement or updates that are needed must be completed by the next renewal.

3. If any in unit water heater in the building is more than 10 years old (>20 years if tankless or >25 years if indirect fired water heaters with stainless steel tanks), we can consider renewal terms if the Insured commits to replacing each by the next renewal.

* Please note that written professional reports cannot be accepted for buildings with aluminium wiring, fuses, knob and tube wiring, less than 100 amps, kitec or poly-b plumbing.

Intact will endeavor to provide complete renewal terms within seven days following the receipt of the required information. If it is not received by xxxx-xx-xx or the risk no longer meets our underwriting guidelines based on the updated information, we may non-renew the policy. I am attaching a copy of our Apartment and Condo Eligibility Criteria for your reference.

If the insured is not able to commit to fully updating or is not willing to obtain the written professional reports, this may result in restrictions in coverages or possibly non-renewal of the policy.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions or concerns about any of the above.



Example 3

Double up on the deductibles for renewal, together with 20% premium increase, and also after continuous premium increases over the years, on a never claimed account?

How far down you think our hard built client relationship will survive?

Actually, your unreasonable renewal terms are more important, or the mutual retention of the seasoned account? That’s the question!


From: xxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxxxx
To: xxxxxx
Subject: RE: Renewal Inquiry - xxxxxxxxx – xxxxxxx xxxxx

xxxxxx, please renew, 5.000 deductible, thanks.

Don't know how long and how much it can continue. The biggest worry is, it will come back to haunt us even more! Everything has not been our creation! We always want to be fair and reasonable in doing our business with our clients.