The Naked Truth ● About Reality

Our senses prove and tell us our existence. Being conscious is precious. Being sensitive is even better! Every single moment counts, not only everyday! If and when we lose our senses, death will come fast and won't be too far away.

Our senses give us our perceptions, feelings, and understandings about things around us. Including risks. They also help us access truth and reality. Whilst they can be perceived as facts or fictions, but they can also be easily manipulated to become our ignorance and inability too! Curiosity is our armament, and as weapon to protect and defend ourselves. By asking questions! That's how we can change, and do better!

In the end, what really matters is our attitude and disposition, in terms of our action, or inaction. Are we able to choose and create the life and destiny we want? Being optimist or not, we need to face it and deal with it! And must not be self-blindfolded! Otherwise, just be a flightless head-burying Ostrich!

We have been told often: Trust usually ends up with disappointment. And, "Don't trust, when you are asked to trust!". Also, with a typo, a book titled "How to change your wife in 30 days" sold 2 million copies in a week. After correction, "How to change your life in 30 days" sold only 3 copies in two weeks! We simply have too many colliding paradoxes in life, always testing our senses! It is only natural that we tend to like flowery lies, rather than naked truths.

However, it is a real world around us! We must not be influenced, directed or dictated by what we like and don't like. Especially when it comes to insurance matters! Or we will be our own weakest link! The key is conscious independent thinking always, about reality! In doing good, doing what we say we do, and doing what we are supposed to do!

Seriously, do you prefer a world full of "hidden unexpected disappointments" and "typos" that you like to see and hear, but which may deviate or even ruin your life and destiny, or an insurance contract that you can choose freely and change anytime, while you still can, before anything happens?

Peace and security favour those who are truly prepared, able to change and stay relevant!