Short Notes

Just curious, is telling the truth being rude, unfriendly and impolite?
Or just talking too much? Or perhaps, talking to myself only!
What they don't teach you in Harvard, Cambridge, or anywhere!

More Observations

Can we be just busy with life, give up on truth, and don't care?
The world will become better if we can all see and speak truths and facts, and do what is supposed to do!

A Rewardful Disruption


Insurance Universe

How can I protect myself?

The Naked Truth

About Reality™

For your protection, when buying insurance:
Ask what is not covered, in real applicable and sure terms.
Confirm everything in writing on vendor company letterhead.
Beware of all the ifs and buts, and also the subjects.
Never sign blindly. Always retain a copy of whatever you signed.
Don't mislead yourself by what you like to see or hear, or just have a ' product ' !
Trust only what you can read and truly understand.

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