Automatic Burger Flipper

"............. Is this the machine that will kick millions of restaurant staffers out of their jobs? Not exactly. But it might change how restaurants work. "You can't just pop the robot into a restaurant and leave the whole rest of the business the same," says Erik Brynjolfsson, coauthor of The Second Machine Age. "You have to reinvent the roles of the people, the types of ingredients, your price points. Replacing a human burger-flipper with a machine isn't the big payoff-the payoff is inventing a totally new kind of restaurant." (Wired)

Our goal is to 'flip' (disrupt) the various constituents (stakeholders and components) of the insurance industry like burger patties, using Insurtech, until they are right to fit in and work together - all the goodies, tomatoes, onions, bacons, cheese, lettuce, mushrooms............., and our legendary special sauce of course! Delicious!

Insurtech is more than just commoditization, or even disintermediation! The objective is about mass-customization of policy contracts. The way it should be. At certain point, before any claim happens, responsible human involvement and interaction of the right kind is essential, and mandatory! Digital Transformation that does not really transform and disrupt anything is misleading, and make things worse! Even worse than worse is, if Digial Transformation is mistaken or purposely made to be misconceived as what Insurtach is all about!