Shortcuts n Highlights

An Overture To “Revolution”!

A Presentation Pending Completion.

If we do not fix the current fundamentals, would adding more guidelines, rules and regulations onto brokers and agents bring us a better insurance industry, and also for consumers?
People have been talking about change, disruption and transformation of insurance business and the industry. These are just like “scratching the itchy leg from outside the leather boot”!
(隔靴搔癢) I think, what the industry needs is a long-overdue revolution!

An opportune plain text to supplement and expand on the "One Page", for a more thorough understanding and outlook on Insurance Business.
Isn’t Insurance Business supposed to provide insurance?
"Values, People, Relationships", and the Digital Capabilities to deliver them - A resonating analysis

Three (3) EXAMPLES, selected amongst many

What is Insurance all about? Cut to the chase! The Insurance Business Mess explained. An analytic summary.

Making wrong become right! And don't care! But just how right can that be? Free Market? Absolutely Misleading! If insurance business is not about insurance, and actually no insurance, or subject to threats of no insurance, then what is insurance business all about?

It is an entire invisible global set up! Who and what are behind it all?
At the end, is it right to make MORE money by doing harms, and by doing wrongs?
Actually, is it right to do wrongs, using freedom, authorities and other 'reasons' in doing so, or in the name of whatever!
If there is a will to condemn, excuses are easy to find! Same idea for justifications!

The basis for success in insurance business is underwriting. True underwriting. But what if underwriting guidelines are not really about underwriting? That's the beginning of the end! In all, simply a faulty "Flywheel System"!

Business Development? Just wonder, how? Isn't it just point-blank highway robbery, with 'official' justification and in fact, unethical excuses? Insurance business is an honorable business! In self-destruction.

More Techs to masquerade further?
Digital? Transformation? Re-invention? Re-engineering? Disruption?
What to achieve? All will become just a mirage!
Especially if and when the Theory and Intention are both questionable, and not that thorough, purposely!

How to make Insurtech work? I mean, properly!
Just like Insurance Business, the way it is?

To use and take advantage of people's ignorance and inability? And to create more?

Just think: if police is not for protection of citizens, if army is not for defense of countries............, if and if............, if insurance is not insurance, and not really insuring you.............

We never intended to unmask any industrywide camouflage.
But we are glad we did!
That's how we can identify the problems, and fix them. Using Insurtech!

Is insurance business about making insurance not able to claim? Is insurance business about how to engineer not to pay, and then how less to pay? Isn't insurance business about insurance and paying claims? A 'peanut' size theft claim that illustrates and proves the old traditional 'Business Model' wrong.

What have god or gods had anything to do with it?

How the current 'Insurance Universe' began! An example showing also how the seed of unreasoning was being sown in its traditional "Business Model".